The Meeting Pt. 2

Danni gets up and pulls the bottom of her dress back down, as Bryan pulls up his pants buttoning and zipping them! Danni kisses Bryan and says should we continue this at my place? Bryan smiles and as he chuckles says lead the way beautiful! They both get in their vehicles as Bryan follows Danni to her apartment! The whole way over neither of them can stop thinking about what just took place, still exhilarated from the thrill of having just had sex in public for the first time! Danni is still wet and twitching from being pounded on the hood of the car! Bryan is still throbbing thinking about how tightly Danni’s juicy pussy gripped his cock! As they pull us to Danni’s apartment they both rush to the front door of her building! As they go thru the door Bryan asks Danni what apartment number is she, as they get to the door she points to the door and says 1C, as she turns to put her key in the door Bryan pushes her against the door and starts kissing her lips as he pushes against her! Danni starts getting excited at the bulge throbbing against her as her pussy starts to get even wetter with the thought of her neighbors walking into the building and seeing them! Bryan pushes the key in and turns the door handle, as pushes Danni inside he lifts her dress and pulls off her panties with his teeth! He then slowly starts to kiss her from the knees up as he works his way towards her now very moist pussy! He pushes the apt door shut with one hand while sliding the other hand up her dress, slowly sliding it up towards her breasts! As his mouth reaches her clitoris he pushes her back against the wall and starts to flick his tongue slowly back and forth against her clitoris, as he is slowly starting to taste her juices! He starts flicking his tongue faster as he slides his other hand back down her! Danni now feels Bryan’s hand slowly creeping up between her legs and he starts licking her clitoris faster and faster Danni feels 2 fingers slide inside her now soaking wet pussy ! All she can do is moan and gasp in pleasure feeling him fingering her as he starts sucking her clitoris! Finally she can’t take it anymore and let’s out a scream as she orgasams all over his fingers! Bryan then stands up and stares into her eyes holding the back of her neck he asks whispering softly in her ear, did you like that baby? Danni still catching her breathe moans out oh yes baby , mmmmm! Bryan then feels his zipper go down, Danni then slowly pulls his cock out and she slowly drops to her knees ! Bryan then feels Danni’s warm mouth wrapping around his cock slowly sliding from the head down his long thick shaft , feeling his shaft sliding down her throat and back out, over and over as she fondles his balls , as he moans he looks down and smiles at Danni as he closes his eyes enjoying her amazing blow job! He leans back against the wall as she stokes and sucks his hard cock, until finally he can’t stand it anymore he slides his hand under Danni’s chin and gently pushes her back while pushing her up slowly! As they both stare into each other’s eyes Bryan pulls Danni’s dress up over her head , then Danni unbuckles Bryan’s belt and slides his pants and boxers down to the floor ! Bryan then grabs Danni and lifts her up sliding her up against the wall while slowly his cock slides inside her soaking wet pussy! He starts off slowly sliding her up and down her back against the wall his throbbing cock now soaked in her juices! Danni squirms a little as she moans from the pleasure of Bryan’s long thick cock deep inside her tight pussy stretching it out as he shoves it deeper and deeper inside her ! Finally Bryan gets all the way inside Danni her pussy has now completely soaked his shaft and his balls and Bryan starts sucking her nipples as he walks with her on his shaft bouncing her up and down going in and out of her oh so juicy pussy inch by inch until she explodes cumming so hard she can’t help but scream his name, Oh Bryan Oh Bryan yes don’t stop baby he continues sliding her up and down his shaft until finally he can’t take it anymore and he shoots his warm cum deep inside her! He puts her down and pushes her against the wall as they both can’t move, both still having aftershocks of their orgasams! They are just standing Bryan’s naked body pressed against Danni’s kissing and holding each other! Finally they both can move and they say let’s take a nice hot shower before bed!

Stay tuned for the next installment …

The Shower (Coming Soon)


The Meeting

It was a day that they had both been longing for and built up with much anticipation! What started out as friendship and banter had led to a lust for each other! Both Danni and Bryan weren’t single, but it didn’t stop them from wanting to touch each other! They had talked for months about what they wanted to do to each other and sending pictures, but today it was about to change!  The conversation had led upto the day they were to meet ! Danni told Bryan that she would be wearing a short, tight, red dress ! Bryan told Danni he would be wearing a pair of blue jeans and a red polo! Both nervous about the meeting but excited at the same time they set off for their meeting! It was an warm summer day with a light breeze! Danni pulled up to the Diner as the sun was just starting to set so it was still light out ! Danni arrived early so she sat in her car for a few minutes checking her make-up! Bryan arrived and went to the steps of the Diner and waited for his Lady in Red! As Danni walked up Bryan couldn’t stop staring at her ! Saying to himself how she was even more beautiful then her pictures! As Danni walked towards Bryan she couldn’t help but notice his build was a little firmer than in the pictures but the large bulge in his pants stood out even more to her! As they came to each other they formally introduced themselves and walked into the Diner! As they were seated at their booth they started talking asking about each other’s day! As Bryan started talking he felt something rubbing up against his leg as he looked down he saw it was Danni’s foot and he stared and smiled at her, then laughed and said already! Danni responded I told you it’s been awhile and I really want you I noticed that bulge as I walked towards you! Bryan responded well I couldn’t help it as you walked towards me I couldn’t help but notice your breasts practically popping out of your dress, not that I’m complaining! Then he grabbed her hand and as he looked into her eyes he said my what beautiful green eyes you have as he listened to her tell him about her drive over to the Diner! As the waiter approached the table and asked if they were ready to order they both quickly responded with just a cup of coffee please! This day had seemed like it took forever to arrive and they both knew that it wasn’t going to be long before they were going to be wanting to rip each other’s clothes off! Bryan dropped his fork and said oops, and he went under the table to get it! Just as he disappeared under the table Danni felt her legs get pushed open and his tongue licking her clit for a second and then he popped back up! He raised his fork and said Found it as he smiled at Danni and she smiled back at him as their coffee arrived! They talked about their week as they drank their coffee all the while playing footsie with each other under the table ! A few moments later the waiter came and left the bill! Bryan went and paid the bill as Danni went to freshen up! As they came out of the Diner it was now dark with just a few street lights in the parking lot! Bryan walked Danni to her car as she was parked in the back parking area and it was darker over there! As they walked over Danni kept rubbing Bryan’s hard bulge! Bryan kept warning her you better stop or we won’t make it to the hotel I’ll bend you over your car! Danni just laughed and said yeah sure and kept doing it! As they reached the back parking area Danni said ok this is my car? Bryan said oh yeah? Danni replies yeah and grabbed Bryan’s bulge and started rubbing it hard ! Bryan grabbed her and said I told you to stop or I was gonna bend you over right here ! Danni said no you won’t, Bryan grabbed Danni and pushed her down bending her over the hood of her car and pulled up get tight red dress and unzipped his pants! He slowly started rubbing his hard cock up and downs between her pussy lips making her wet so he could slide inside her! He slowly pushed the head of his cock inside her hole and grabbed onto her hips and he slowly pushed himself deeper ! He then slowly started pumping in and out as she got wetter he pushed harder and faster! He then grabbed her breasts and started squeezing as he started to pound her pussy hard ! He didn’t care is someone was around or if anyone saw, frankly he was in his own world all he saw and heard was Danni moaning as he filled her deeply with his throbbing cock! He then put his hand on her shoulders and as she came all over his cock her juices dripping down he started pounding pulling her back by the shoulders ! As he thrusted faster and harder he felt his balls slapping against her wet clitoris and the wetter she got the more excited he got until finally he shot his hot cum deep inside her! As he came he let out a loud grunt and Danni pushed him back and dropped to her knees and starting licking and sucking the head to drain the rest of the cum from his cock, slapping it against her tongue to make sure every drop was emptied !

To be continued…….

The Party

Brad wraps up a Friday full of meetings & conference calls that seems like it was never going to end! He calls Stacy as he walks out of his office, he asks Stacy how her day has been & asks if she wants to go to a party at his co-worker Tom’s house! She says that she would love to but wants she wants to stop home & shower first! He gets home and Stacy pulls in as he walks to the front door. As Stacy gets to the front door Brad grabs her and pushes her against the door and slowly starts to passionately kiss her lips as he pushes his body against her! Stacy whispers we’re never going to make it to Tom’s Party if you start this! Brad continues kissing her for a second and says fine let’s get showered so we can go! They go inside and they get in the shower as soon as the water hits Stacy’s, Brad’s cock instantly is erect from the water glistening off of her body! He grabs her and bends her over the water starts hitting him as he grabs his cock & starts to rub it up & down between her wet puss lips, as she gets more moist he slowly slides his cock inside of her making her moan as he gets the last of it buried inside of her tight hole! He then grabs her hips and slowly slides back and forth harder & faster as his cock stretches her and she loses control screaming as she cums all over his cock,he pulls out & says OK let’s get washed up & get to this party! Stacy says really you’re not going to finish now, he replies no I have plans for you later ! They get washed up & out of the shower Brad picks his favorite grey suit & Stacy picks a tight little grey dress & they get ready to leave for the party! They get in the car & Stacy teases Brad the whole drive over by rubbing his crotch & giving him sneak peeks under her dress! They arrive at Tom’s house & as Brad knock’s he whispers to Stacy you wait you’re in trouble tease, Stacy just smirks & laughs! Tom welcomes them inside & offers them both a drink, Stacy takes a glass of red wine & Brad takes a beer! They mingle with Tom & his wife Pam & some of their friends! As the night goes on they start playing Dirty Minds & Brad can’t keep his hands off Stacy & he doesn’t care who sees it! He slides his hand up her dress & starts rubbing her inner thigh which is exciting Stacy making her moist again! Pam drops a card as she bends down to get her card she notices Brad’s hand up Stacy’s dress & it gets her excited so she starts rubbing herself! Pam hits Tom with her elbow & he sees her hand up her dress & has to do a double take that she is for sure rubbing her own clit! He keeps watching as she starts rubbing it faster! Brad & Tom look at each other & smile as their wives both start to moan in pleasure ! Tom reaches over & grabs Pam’s hand & brings her to the bedroom & gives Brad the thumbs up as he walks away! Brad stops & grabs Stacy’s hand & sits Stacy on the table, lifts her dress & bends down,grabs her hips & slowly starts licking her clit faster & faster as she squirms! She starts moaning loudly as he starts sucking her clit & fingerings her juicy pussy!  Just as she is about to cum he slides his fingers in & up massaging her g-spot ), making her cum all over the table! Brad then flips her over lifts her dress up & comes up behind her sliding himself inside of her inch by inch until he is deep inside of her grabs her hips & starts slamming it harder & harder his balls slapping against her clit! He starts massaging her breasts as he continues pounding as she gets more & more moist he can’t contain himself & his long thick shafts fills her with his warm cum as he pulls out Stacy drops to her knees & starts sucking the throbbing head of his cock draining it of the juices left inside of it! They clean up & leave a note thanking Tom & Pam for the night & head home!

The Hike

It was the final day of their weekend getaway from the hustle & bustle of everyday life! Brad & Stacy prepared for a long hike into the moutains before the 2 hour ride back into the city! Brad packed their hiking packs with supplies & Stacy packed their snacks & water! Brad yells from the bedroom you almost ready Babe, Stacy replies yes Hon! They mount their packs on their backs & set out from the cabin to enjoy nature it’s the nicest day of the winter reaching about 55° + ! Unbeknownst to Stacy, Brad has some plans to really enjoy nature on this hike! They get out deep into the trail talking, enjoying each others company, & the fresh air! Brad reaches the first clearing & says to Stacy let’s rest here for a drink and snack ! They sit & talk drinking and Brad reaches over & starts kissing Stacy softly while looking down at his backpack, as he reaches in pulling out some rope he brought along & starts to tie a loop in the end & slowly slips it over Stacy’s wrists & tightens it restraining her hands behind her back! He then takes her t-shirt & rips it off exposing her perky beasts & thick nipples because she never wears a bra hiking, Brad puts the rope under his knee as he starts to sick her nipples! She let’s out a soft moan from the excitement her panties getting moist! Yes daddy she says, as Stacy gasps for air mmm! Brad can hardly contain himself his cock is already hard & throbbing from the excitement of ripping off her shirt & seeing her breasts exposed in the daylight! He gets up stepping in the rope so that Stacy can’t get up and he slowly unzips his pants as Stacy’s mouth begins to water he pulls out his thick, hard cock & holds it in front of Stacy’s mouth and pushes her head towards it with his other hand she sticks out her tongue tracing the head & the shafts of his cock ever so softly, making Brad squirm in pleasure! As Brad holds it in front of her, Stacy then takes the tip of his cock gently into her mouth sick just the tip harder & harder the tip starting to noticibly throb! Brad grabs the back of Stacy’s head & he starts to thrust his cock in & out of her mouth harder & faster with each thrust! He then shoves in down her throat till she starts to gag & then pulls out! He grabs the rope & makes her stand, then again steps on it so she can’t move then he unbuttons her pants & pulls them down! Brad then bends Stacy over & slides behind her grabbing her hands by the wrists with one hand & starts sliding his extremely hard cock inside of her now dripping puss pushing it inside inch my inch until all 9 1/2 inches were buried deep inside her and starts pounding his cock inside her making her wetter & wetter as he uses one hand to hold her waist & the other hand to pull the rope so he slams into her harder with every thrust! He then take the rope and wraps it around her neck until it is snug & is gently using the force of her restrained wrists to put a little pressure on each other and she gets lightly red, so he can use both hands to ram her swollen pussy! He grabs both of her thick hips & starts pounding his cock deeper & harder she has just enough pressure to not move herself, but still be able to moan in excitement feeling the head of his cock pounding into g-spot feeling like it is deep in her belly! As she begins to reach climax he pulls her hand a little as he is pounding her causing her to choke a little as she orgasm’s he unties her throat causing a sudden rush of oxygen & her pussy squirts as he pulls out of her! Brad unties her & lays a blanket from his pack out for Stacy! Then laying her on her stomach he ties her right wrist then spreads her legs & ties her wrists together & then her ankles together climbs between her legs & slides his cock back inside her so excited he can hardly contain himself he grabs her shoulders & starts pounding as hard & as fast as he can streching her out her screaming in pleasure as she orgasm’s on his shaft as he is about to explode he pulls out & his cum shoots all over her ass & then smears it all over with his cock! He unties Stacy & crawls between her legs starting to lick & suck her clip loving the taste of her juices still on it and in her hole! Brad comes up and kisses Stacy & they wrap up together in the blanket for a few minutes before going to finish the walk! They lay there kissing & holding each other savoring the moment of passion ! They then get dressed and wrap up the blanket & Stacy says what am I suppose to wear for the rest of this walk since you ripped off my shirt he reaches in his pack and throws her another T-shirt & says I came prepared ! She smiles & says I love you Hon! He says I love you too Babe! They continue their hike holding hands remembering the fun they’ve had this weekend! Getting back to the cabin  they start packing up for the long trip back , closing up the cabin until next time!

The Morning After

It was a figid morning Brad woke up and saw Stacy still sleeping he quietly & softly climbed out of bed being careful not to wake her! Brad went to the fireplace and noticed the fire was just about to go out so he threw some paper and kindling in the fireplace to get the flame started again, then threw a few small pieces of wood into the fireplace with a few more pieces of paper ! As soon as he was sure the fire was going again he put some more wood in and quietly went back to the bedroom! Stacy was still sleeping so he slowly climbed up the bed from the bottom softly kissing Stacy’s legs on the way up! He reached her tender pussy and lightly started licking her clit though asleep Stacy started to move around from the pleasure! Brad took his hands and traced Stacy’s sides leading his way to her now perky nipples, he lightly started to twist them as he slid his tongue inside of her pussy tasting the sweetness of her slight moistness! He then started to squeeze her nipples harder and he started to suck her clit she awoke and immediately squirting in Brad’s mouth from all the excitement, he loved it and starting lapping up the sweet juices flowing out of her juicy hole! Stacy always loved waking up to such an orgasam. Stacy sits up and pushed Brad’s head away and says now it’s my turn, already half-erect he willingly flips right onto his back! Stacy says ok close your eyes as Brad closes his eyes and feels her climb on top of him and feels her breasts against his face. Being the wise ass he is Brad starts nibbling her nipples,not even noticing that she has handcuffed him to the bed!  Stacy pulls away and puts a blindfold on him and slowly starts kissing down his body and starts playing with his nipples. As she starts ducking his nipples she notices his cock getting harder from the excitement. She then starts to kiss her way further down his body stopping at his now throbbing cock and starts kissing the head as she fondled his balls, every so often pulling back his foreskin and licking around the tip! She then starts taking his cock into her mouth little by little now rubbing his balls! Stacy grabs Brad’s waist as she pushes her head down further and further until his slightly gagging as the shafts goes down her throat! She slides her head up and down his shaft every so often coming to the tip and swirling her tongue around the head driving Brad crazy. She starts feeling her puss twitch and her own juices running down her leg so she climbs on top and aligns hid tip with her wet pussy! She slowly starts lowering herself onto his shaft feeling hid long thick cock stretching her tight pussy, just as she gets most of his cock inside her she feels Brad thrust upward slamming his cocktail inside her! She gets so excited she pushes him down as she starts riding his cock pounding her pussy down hard on it! Up & down slamming herself into his hips,listening to him moan as she gets more and more excited until finally she can’t help but explode all over his cock her juices running down his shaft she slides off and lays beside him cuddled on his chest listening to his heart still pounding ! She whispers I love you babe, I’ll uncuff you in a minute when my legs stop twitching! After about 5 minutes Stacy gets up and uncuffs Brad. Brad immediately he grabs the cuffs and throws Stacy on the bed on her belly and cuffs her to the bed! He then climbs on the bed and throws Stacy’s legs over his shoulders so her swollen pussy is right there at his mouth. He slides his tongue insider her to taste her sweet juices then he slides his tongue up and down between her pussy lips making it wetter & wetter! He then shoves his tongue deep in her pussy as he starts smacking her ass leaving a nice pink handprint on her left cheek, Stacy squeels with excitement! Then he start to lock just her clit his tongue sliding over it left to right throbbing on his tongue! He feels her dripping in his mouth and lays her back down and shoves 2 fingers inside of her slamming them in herd back and forth harder and harder with each thrust until he slides a 3rd finger in to stretch her out even more still slamming then in just as hard until she explodes all over his fingers! Brad then climbs on top of her shoving his cock all the way inside her as he reaches out and grabs her hair pulling her head back and shoving the fingers still dripping work with her juices down her throat making her gag as she sucks her own juices off them! He then let’s go and slides his hands under her grabbing her tots squeezing them as he slam his cock deep inside her ripping her tight pussy open , his balls slapping hard against her clit! He then slides his hand so that he can squeeze both nipples hard as he drives his cock inside her harder and faster with each thrust hearing her moan in pleasure as he pounds her sopping wet pussy that has now drenched the bed ! He then let’s go and grabs her waist almost at the point of explosion he whispers in her ear you want my cum babe? She softly replies yes! He then says, let me hear it do you want my cum? She screams yesssss yesssss yesssss please give me your cum baby! He slams deep inside of her his head explodes squirting his hot cum all over inside of her like a volcano errupting! As he cums inside of her he pulls out still cummng stoking his cock and shooting the rest of his cum all over her juicy ass, then lays on top of her cum all over both of them and he whispers in her ear I love you babe! He then reaches up and uncuffs her as they cuddle before starting their day!

The Cabin

It had been a long week at work for Brad,before leaving work he called his girlfriend Stacy and asks if she wanted to go away for the weekend! Stacy who had also had a long week instantly says yes! Brad picks up Stacy for their weekend getaway and as she got in his truck he grabbed her and passionately kisses her lips as if he hadn’t seen her in years,she was happy to reciprocate the gesture with her hand slightly rubbing his crotch as they had both hardly seen each other all week! Brad whispers in Stacy’s ear wait until we get to the cabin I have plans for you! As Brad drives to the cabin Stacy teases Brad by rubbing his cock and starting to rub her clit! Brad veers over every chance he can get watching her playing with her smooth pussy with it’s neat little landing strip she keeps just for him. Stacy looks up at Brad and smiles then slowly takes his cock into her mouth deeper and deeper sliding her tongue down the shaft as it goes in ! Brad takes one hand off the steering wheel and pushes on the back of Stacy’s head making her slightly gag and then let’s go,she keeps sucking him so he keeps pushing her head down forcing her to swallow his cock which excites her even more feeling her own clit twitch she starts going up and down Brad’s shaft faster and faster. Stacy can’t help but keep swallowing Brad’s cock as he explodes in her mouth she sucks the tip to get every drop of his cum! Stacy then kisses Brad as they pull upto the cabin! They walk into the small cabin that has been in Brad’s family for generations still rustic & unchanged! Stacy gets them settled in for the weekend while Brad starts a fire in the fireplace to take the chill out of the cabin! Stacy finishes getting them settled and comes up behind Brad and kisses his neck while he is watching the fire and adding a few pieces of wood and says it’s good for a bit. Brad says to Stacy now why don’t you get a little more comfy while I bring a little wood for the fire for the night! Stacy gladly complies as she has been in her hates being in her work clothes. As Brad comes in with his second bundle of wood to get them thru the night Stacy approaches wearing a robe and says to Brad I packed up some dinner, while I set it up why don’t you go get more comfy! Brad quickly goes into the bedroom and changes into some sweats ! As Brad comes out of the room Stacy whistles mmm sexy, she always loves when he is wearing less clothes! They sit down to eat and Brad reaches under the table and starts rubbing Stacy’s leg noticing she has no panties on he starts to play with Stacy’s clit she slap his hand and says eat your dinner before we play! They finish dinner and Brad tells Stacy she should get comfy on the couch while he he adds some wood to the fire and grab something from the bedroom! He comes to the out of the bedroom with his hands behind his back and noticed that Stacy is laying on the couch with her robe open her nipple very perky in the blue silk nightie that he loves her legs slightly open so he can barely get a peek! Stacy looks over at Brad and says what do you have behind your back Mr. , Brad smirks and says who me ? Stacy says yes you, what do you have? Brad replies you’ll have to close your eyes to find out! Stacy closes her eyes and Brad quietly walks up behind her and cuffs her hands together she opens her eyes and smiles at Brad and says oh no what are your plans now you bad boy? He slides off his sweats his cock already slightly hard he says I’m going to make you drip over and over you dirty girl! Brad approaches Stacy and climbs between her legs burying his face deep between her thighs liking her clit softly every so often sucking her clit to make her wiggle, Stacy takes her cuffed hands and pushes on Brad’s head forcing his tongue inside of her wet pussy! He then starts wiggling it fast and faster inside her making her start to squirm as Stacy squirting her warm juices in his mouth! Stacy thinks Brad’s done when all of a sudden she feels his tongue between her lips liking her clit up and down even faster she loves the feeling but can’t stop quivering as she squirting all over his chin! Stacy’s legs shaking body still quivering she finds herself begging Brad to slide his now throbbing cock deep inside her! He slides up and holds his cock with one hand and starts sliding his cock up and down between her wet lips slowly sliding the tip inside her as she first gasps in pleasure then starts moaning as he shoves his hard cock deep inside her dripping wet pussy! He starts to pump hard as she wraps her cuffed hands around his neck begging him harder please harder just then she feels her 3rd orgasam as thrusts so deep that his balls slam against her. He then grabs her leg and throws it on his shoulder slightly moving her on her side he grabs her thigh and starts slamming his cock inside her faster and harder with each stroke, Stacy is so excited she pulls her nightie exposing her plump breasts and she starts rubbing them lightly pinching her nipples! He then grabs her leg and flips her over onto her belly and pulls out he then gets in front of her face and she starts licking her lips seeing his large thick cock in front of her, then he slides his cock in her mouth and starts to fuck her mouth he moans as he feel his head throb he pulls out and squirts his cum all over her mouth! He then unlocks the handcuffs and throws a few logs on the fire as they head to bed! Both satisfied they cuddle and fall asleep in each others arms!